Wednesday 21st December 2022 8pm Hedgerley Memorial Hall

In the summer of 2016, a month after referendum in favour of Brexit, Tom Chesshyre took to the footpaths of England’s longest river. Beginning in Gloucestershire, where the source of the Thames is little more than a damp spot in a field, Chesshyre sets off along the 215-mile route aiming both to enjoy the sceneryContinue reading “Wednesday 21st December 2022 8pm Hedgerley Memorial Hall”

Wednesday 18th January 2023 8pm Hedgerley Memorial Hall

Metro-Land to HS2 – Oliver Green Railways have had a key role in shaping the development of the country areas northwest of London in the twentieth century. This began when the Metropolitan, the world’s first underground railway, was extended beyond its original urban network of the 1860s to run through Middlesex, Herts and Bucks to reachContinue reading “Wednesday 18th January 2023 8pm Hedgerley Memorial Hall”

The History of Holly Hill House, Stoke Poges – Mike Dewey

On Wednedsay 15 September at 8pm Mike Dewey will present the ‘History of Holy Hill House’. In recent years the site of the Sikh school in Hollybush Hill, Stoke Poges, has been the subject of much controversy. Originally part of the Stoke Park Estate the site was first developed in 1783. This talk will traceContinue reading “The History of Holly Hill House, Stoke Poges – Mike Dewey”

“An Underground Guide to 1950’s London”

On Wednesday 16th June at 8pm Nick Dobson will present”An underground Guide to 1950’s London”. Take the Time Tube Train back to London of the 1950’s and discover a decade during which wartime austerity gave way to growing optimism. This fully illustrated talk will reveal a City quite different from today’s London, but a CityContinue reading ““An Underground Guide to 1950’s London””

19th May 2021 Beacons of the Past – Investigating a prehistoric Chilterns

Beacons of the Past is a 3.5 year project part funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the Chiltern Society, and the National Trust, amongst others.  It’s purpose is to engage and inspire communities to discover, conserve, and enjoy the Chilterns’ Iron Age hillforts and their prehistoric chalk landscapes. Now at the project’s midpoint, ProjectContinue reading “19th May 2021 Beacons of the Past – Investigating a prehistoric Chilterns”