The History of Holly Hill House, Stoke Poges – Mike Dewey

On Wednedsay 15 September at 8pm Mike Dewey will present the ‘History of Holy Hill House’.

In recent years the site of the Sikh school in Hollybush Hill, Stoke Poges, has been the subject of much controversy. Originally part of the Stoke Park Estate the site was first developed in 1783.

This talk will trace the subsequent history of the site, how it has been used, and some of the people who have had associations with the activities pursued there. Originally it was a weekend retreat, then a family home, and after WW2 it became an internationally renowned research organisation, the Fulmer Research Institute (FRI). It was then redeveloped to be the headquarters of a multi-national company, finally becoming a Sikh school.

Mike Dewey was a materials scientist, working for twenty-five years at the FRI. In retirement he has pursued hobbies in family and local history research, and as an author, speaker and amateur journalist writing the Nostalgia columns in the Bucks Free Press. He is a member of a small team of former FRI employees¸ several of whom will be present at the talk, who are researching and recording the history of FRI. 

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